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Community Service
• 24 hours of service required for graduation
• Hours must be done outside of school
• Student can receive no financial compensation for service
• Community Service Verification Form must be submitted for each type of service completed
Sample Activities
*Church projects benefiting the whole group not personal gain
(Helping with a fund raiser to go on a youth ski trip would not count, helping to build a new pulpit or fellowship hall would)
*Helping a teacher or custodial staff after school with cleaning desks, white boards, or emptying trash
*Recreation Department Volunteers
*Court House Volunteers (Shred & File)
* Nursing Home Volunteers
*Taking Care of the Elderly (cleaning, taking to doctor apptm., preparing meals, yard work)
*Charity Organizations: Jay's Hope: contact- sign-up on website, 238-6360
Crawford Rec Dept: contact- Lindsey Hudson 836-3313
Halls of Havoc: contact- Kevin Huffman 808-9577