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Amy Yaughn

American Literature/Advanced Composition/AP Literature                                                                                                                    

Crawford County High School

(478) 836-3126



 Dear Parents,


My name is Mrs. Amy Yaughn, and I will be your childs instructor for American Literature (11th), Advanced Composition (12), or AP Literature. Due to the fact that I will be spending a lot of time with your child, Id like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about myself both personally and professionally.


I was born and raised in Macon. I received my BA in Middle Grades Education from Mercer University and added high school certification a few years ago.   I have been teaching for twenty-two years.   I have been married for twenty years and have three children. Working together, I know that your child can have a successful year.

This season of your childs life brings a great deal of responsibility. I ask that you encourage your child to be responsible for his/her education from day one. You and I can only do so much. It is ultimately the students choice to succeed. I want your child to be a graduate of CCHS, but that requires a lot of hard work on the students behalf. Things like not doing homework, choosing to be disrespectful, or not taking the work seriously cannot be allowed. When due dates are assigned for homework and projects, they need to be met. When instructions are given, they need to be followed. We have a lot of curriculum to cover   no time to waste. We need to succeed!


Parents are the most important people in a childs life, and we need to work together for the benefit of your child. I need you to support my academic, homework and discipline efforts here at school. With school and home working together, I know that each student can have his or her most successful year yet. Have a great school year!





Mrs. Amy Yaughn