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David  Shepard
CTAE - Manufacturing / Robotics
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Educational Philosphy


     It is my professional belief as an Educator that all students are capable of learning, regardless of ability and socioeconomic background. Students will respond best in a nurturing environment; the relationship between Educator and student is vital for the growth of the student’s knowledge and confidence.  It is the role of the Educator, as a member within a greater community, to coach and lead students to become integral individuals of society.  

     It is my belief that it does take a village to raise a child and as an educator, it is my role to work with parents, guardians, the community stake holders and anyone else that may be involved in the well being of the student.  I believe that the teacher is a facilitator and should help guide the student to independent thinking, how to think and how to create.  Teaching is not simply about providing information and having the student recite it back.  We as educators must teach our students to be lifelong learners and independent thinkers.



1985-1989              High School Diploma, College Prep, Crawford County Comprehensive High                                    School

1989-1993              BS Ed Emotional Crisis, Troy State University

1999-2000              Began work on Masters Degree, Armstrong Atlantic State University

2001-2003              MA Ed Technology and Curriculum Integration, University of Phoenix

2015-Present          Specialist in Administrative Leadership, Columbus State University


Professional Experience


2006-Present                           Crawford County High School


2004-2006                              Peach County High School


2000-2004                              Bryan County High School EBD


1999-2000                              Claxton High School EBD


1998-1999                              Coastal Academy Psycho Ed Center


1996-1998                              Northside High School


1993-1996                              Montgomery County (AL) Board of Education



     Hello my name is David Shepard and I hail from the small city of Roberta, GA. I am currently teaching at the high school I graduated from about 25 years ago. I began my journey as a special education teacher in Montgomery, AL and have since moved back home and am teaching Manufacturing and Robotics. I am also the CTAE coordinator, lead teacher and SLO District coordinator for our county. I am currently the advisor for our local Technology Student Association and am happy to say that we have made it to the National Level every year for the past 7 years and looking to continue that tradition as we rebuild our organization this year with a great group of freshmen.  I have been lucky to have been able to work alongside my district CTAE administrator over the past several years in producing our local CTAE budget. I currently teach 5 classes along with my other duties.