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Jennifer Martin Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
American Literature, World Literature, Yearbook & Journalism


I am a "local" and graduated from Peach County High School in 2000.  I then earned my Bachelor's of Arts in English at Berry College with minors in both Sociology and Women's Studies.  Following my graduation in 2004, I achieved my Master's degree in English at the University of Georgia with concentrations in Creative Writing and Southern Literature. 


After serving as a TA at the University of Georgia, I discovered my passion for teaching.  I thought it best to start at "home" and got a teaching position in 9th grade English at Peach County High School in 2010.  After seven years in that school system, I wanted to spread my wings and explore other realms of education.  I worked for one year at Huntington Middle School, after which I realized high school is the place for me.  By chance, I met Dr. Mashburn at a job fair; I was actually there to fill out my "new hire" paperwork for another county.  He lured me in the interview room and hooked me with the description of this wonderful community.  I have grown from a Tojan, to a hawk, and now I am an Eagle, which is the best feeling ever!


I would love to say that I have always been well-behaved, smart, and outgoing, but that is not the case.  When I was sixteen-years-old, I was involved in a car accident that changed my entire life, as well as that of my parents.  Within a few hours of the crash, I underwent brain surgery that left me in a coma, from which I was not expected to survive.  When I did wake up, I was no longer Jennifer.  The doctors advised that the best I would be able to do was recite my alphabet and brush my own teeth. 

With the complete dedication of my parents, family, teachers, and friends, I actually started eleventh grade with my classmates.  We all graduated together, after which I pursued higher education.  What seemed like the worst point of my life--leaving me bald, emaciated, paralyzed, and deaf at the time--has actually brought everything I could ever want.  The partial deafness spiked my interest in American Sign Language; my newfound struggle with reading instilled both sympathy and the desire to help others.  The changes to my physical appearance has made me more humble and more attuned to self-esteem issues that teenagers experience.  Finally, I believe my car accident led me to my husband, Lawrence.  He has been legally blind since birth, although he has found accommodations with technology and medicine.  We relate to each other in terms of personal struggle and background. He truly is my best friend.

Alas, with my wonderful husband, we have two daughters, against all odds.  Madison is four-years-old and Amelia is two-years-old.  My belief is that being a parent makes me a better teacher, just as being a teacher makes me a better Mom.  One makes me better at the other.