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Guidance Counselor

"Always wear your invisible crown"
"Always wear your invisible crown"

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Amy Little: Counselor





Mission Of The Department:

To produce high achieving graduates who are post secondary/work force ready.

Role of a High School Counselor


 As emphasized in the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) national standards, high school counseling and guidance services are meant to address the barriers students have to learning, both educational learning and life-long learning.


 High school counseling adopts  techniques for addressing all students' various and many issues that effect their abilities to perform in an educational environment both academically and socially.


It is essential high school counselors are able to fully understand the fundamental goals of their position in high school students' lives. Their goals should be aligning with the goals of their employing high schools and districts. High school counselors are in the business of helping students become citizens who are 1.) successful in our fast-paced growing economy, 2.) good family providers, 3.) responsible parents and 4.) involved in their communities.


With these goals in mind, high school counselors will assess the needs of high school students by being a part of curriculum development, assessment of educational needs on an individual basis, intervention and counseling for students who are dealing with issues effecting learning, and helping students explore the world that lies beyond high school graduation.


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SCHOOL: Crawford County High School


SCHOOL PHONE: (478) 836-9992


Email: amy.little@crawfordschools.org